August 02, 2005

You know you've played too much World of Warcraft when...

1. you believe that policemen are overpowered and should be nerfed.
2. you scream "imba shaman" just because it thunders outside.
3. you ask what the "bid price" is on the groceries in the store.
4. you tell your mom that you're ill and have ress sickness.
5. you call Blizzards Support and tell them that your parents are bugged,
just because you don't get a reward when cleaning your room.

6. you don't go to school 11.30AM on wednesdays because they've delayed the maintenance again.
7. you claim it's legal to drive when 40, and not when 18.
8. you have trouble on your math-test and you scream "LFG math-test!".
9. you try to explain to your teacher that your essay is soulbound.
10. you get p!ssed off because it doesn't say "scout" before your name in the passport.
11. you say "whoops, wrong chat" when you happen to insult someone.
12. you whine over crowded servers when you're stuck in traffic.
13. you hurl abuse on the old ladies that "grind" on the best mushroomplaces.
14. you accuse a real farmer for "farming".
15. you're little fiat gets passed by a huge SUV and you scream that that pr!ck should stop ganking!
16. you're in line at a local kiosk and see that there's just one product left of
the thing you're gonna get, and you scream "NEEEEED".

17. you try to teach your cat to shapeshift back to it's real shape.
18. you're shopping and then you snatch a merchandise and run out of the store screaming "NINJALOOT!!!".
19. you scream "LEEEROY JEEENKINS" when you're pushing your way forward at the line in the store.
20. you scream corpsecamp when there's someone in the room as you wake up.
21. you find $5 and ask your friend if you're gonna roll for it.
22. you're on a date and ask what level the date is.

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