October 30, 2005

Reporter cant stop laughing

9/10. One mark lost, because it's in foreign language.
Link to video: http://www.big-boys.com/articles/holditin.html

edit: Found a translation (Wasn't translated by me):

reporter: you have a normal life before that, then you came out of narcose (medical treatment) and you realize life just isn't the same anymore... How do you respond to that change?

*woman cries for a bit*

woman: first, with disbelief...
fag: disbelief is actually...
reporter: *laughs*.. excuse me..
fag: disbelief is actually... the right word that Ellke (name) uses..
*reporter laughs* and *sniffs*
fag: That... was... also... the first thing that occurred to me... cause I thought... that can't be... that... that...
*woman cries, reporter laughs*
reporter: excuse me, sorry ladies and gentlemen.. *sniffs*
reporter: so ehh... you try to... eh... futureaaahahah...

*fag looks at him*

fag: ... I really don't understand eh...
reporter: hahahahah sorry! excuse me... sorry.. let's eh.. *looks into camera*, excuse me ladies and gentleman.. *breathes*
reporter: that also means that for instance sexuality suddenly starts to become a great problem..
woman: well my boyfriend... .. blabla (don't understand it myself), and I can't blame him for it.
fag: blablabla (some high pitches bullshit I cant understand)
*reporter giggle*
fag: If you deal with sex.. then it's not just the physical part that plays a role... but also the cute words..
*reporter almost dies laughing*


Anonymous said...

Even funnier with translation :D

Anonymous said...

It's just a parody of some serious Belgium show.
Here's the full clip: http://rommel.gigahertz.nl/boemerang.wmv

PukiMan said...

I'm not gonna ruin the fun for the others, by adding that link to the original post.
It's funnier when you think that thing is real and not fake :D

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