November 13, 2005

Flash Games

(Click on the game name to play)

Little Knights of the Zodiac. Pegasus fighting against Dragoon for Atenea's love? Be careful, because controls are in oriental style: AWSD to move and JK to attack.

Rick Dangeraus Rick Dangerous Flash. South America, 1945. Rick Dangerous crash lands his plane over The Amazon while searching for the lost Goolu tribe...

Invader 360. Quite funny Space Invaders version where tons of enemies appear from everywhere. Take a lot care, because the ones with a white nucleus also can shoot you!

Chaos! Choose a worker and try to download as much information as you could. If your computer is broken you'll have to get another by using rightly the keyboard arrows.

Deep Sea Xplorer. Old style game with a submarine instead an space ship. Use the arrow keys to move, and the spacebar to fire bullets. Destroy all the enemies!

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