November 06, 2005

More flash games

(Click on the game name to play)

Agis: Ledereen is Welkom. Use your mouse to play Arkanoid at the supermarket and then at the parking. This is not a new game, but it's always funny!

Brewery Defender!! Drag the blue midget with your mouse in order to deflect the hymenoptera blobs and help to escape to as many brewery trucks as you could.

Monsterstack. You have to place as much strange pieces as you could ones on the others by simply clicking your mouse or pressing spacebar when there are over the arrow.

Puppyred: Spiderwoman. Use the bounce balance to try reaching your friend without falling. Don't miss globes, they give you some extra lives and bonus points.

Beakins Great Mango Quest. Help parrot Beakins climb to the top of the tree to reach the world's largest mango. Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to fly.

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