November 01, 2005

Small flash games

(click on the game name to play)
Amoeba: Dangers in a microscopic world! Move using the arrow keys to collect all the glucose cells. Touch the green viruses and your dead.

Escape From Rhetundo Island. This is another very good flash game from the creator of Hapland, where you have to think very fast to help the famous stickman Johnny Tag.

Marvin Spectrum. This is a bit difficult to learn, so you will need to read carefully How to Play. Basically, you must match the color of the gate before you go through it.

Treasure Box. Once upon a time, there was a king who had got all the power and wealth. Before he died, he had hidden his treasure and sealed it by mysterious power...

Super Monkey Poop Fight. Defined as "Best Game involving poop in years!". Use arrow keys to move, A key to throw poop or to run (while walking) and S key to jump.

Big Head Boy. Another enterteining and addictive version of the Arkanoid, this time with a pigheaded boy and a tomato, which you must use to break all the blocks.

Vic De Vitaminevreter. The game has 5 levels and in each one you have to gather all the food that contain a certain vitamin. Take a lot of care with frogs and piranhas.

Run-Run. This game looks like City Jumper, but this time you have to escape from a warehouse. Use UP ARROW for a small jump, and SPACE for a big jump. Good luck!

Motherload. Your job is to collect minerals and bring them back to the surface for processing. The deeper you dig, the more valuable the minerals you'll encounter.

Stickman Sam: Into The Darkness. Now that his training is complete (at first part), Sam goes on his first real mission! Customize (or not) your controls before to start.

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