November 09, 2005

Unaging baby


She doesn't grow, her brain doesn't develop, she's like 1 foot nothing and maybe 20 lbs.

I wonder how many years she will live?? But its strange that she doesn't develop mentally either, maybe there could be something stunting her physical growth, but to stop her mentally as well. This poor child has the shitty end of every stick.

Its too bad, because I don't see people finding a cure for something like this. Could this even bee prevented through DNA screening (Or whatever its called)?
Amazing, and sad at the same time.


Anonymous said...

well if you think about it she doesnt have the shitty end in a sense...i mean, she will never have eating disorders she will never be addicted to meth or heroin or things like that, she will never kill anyone or get into fights, ect. For all we know she could be immortal, since she bounces back every time she almost dies. She may have this thing, but she will never be corrupted as imminently as everyone else is.
Fascinating thing to think about though...

PukiMan said...

Well, you are correct in a way.
But if you look at the situation like you said, her life is a big empty spot.
People live only once. It's too bad she will live for the rest of her life, as a six (If I remember correct) month old baby. She won't experience the life (With even all the bad things you was talking about).

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