April 05, 2006

Fun Flash Games

Flash Minesweeper. Try to locate all the bombs as fast as you can, in two different levels of this flash remake. Press the space bar to mark or not an square with a flag.

Snowman Attack. Defend your snow fort against the enemy attacks and get upgrades in order to stay alive and defeat them to all. Aim and shoot with your mouse.

Robot War. Very good! Destroy all your enemies, shooting them with the mouse, in this excellent game of ability. It takes a bit to load, but you'll see how it's worth it. ;-)

Space Explorer. Land the spaceship on the platforms, in this version of Moon Lander. Use the arrow keys to fire your thrusters and avoid the rough surface of the planet.

Panik: Poopascoopa. This Panik is a little different, but has a good intention: To collect all the poos before the time runs out, in order to make the world a better place.

Darts. In this version of darts you play against the computer. Throw three darts, aiming to the yellow segment always, until to hit all the targets (from 1 up to 20).

Parking Perfection 2. Park the car into the highlighted space and in a limited time. First, you must park it FRONT and then, you will must park it REVERSE.

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