April 15, 2006

Time to abuse eBay employees

Your chat session has started..
Marie P. I.: Hello and welcome to eBay’s Live Chat! My name is Marie. Just to let you know, there should be a short survey at the end of this chat to give you a chance to let us know how we’re doing. How may I assist you?
jennipher: hi marie
jennipher: it took a long time for you to get here. the bar said to wait 2 minutes!
Marie P. I.: I noticed that you have been waiting in queue for a while. I apologize for that.
jennipher: its ok. i have a question about selling stuff
Marie P. I.: Sure, please go ahead.
jennipher: let’s say i sell a very expensive stereo system on ebay and after i get paid i ship the buyer an empty box. what happens?
Marie P. I.: Then the buyer will file for a dispute and appropriate action will be taken on your account.
jennipher: what happens when he files the dispute?
Marie P. I.: Also you are legally binded to carry the transaction out and so you can be sued.
jennipher: does he get his money back? i don’t want that to happen
Marie P. I.: This page will explain the process: http://pages.ebay.com/help/tp/inr-snad-process.html
jennipher: but what if i say that i shipped the item? then it’s just his word against mine. who wins?
Marie P. I.: Our Trust and safety department handles such situations and they investigate it further.
jennipher: what does the trust and safety department do?
jennipher: what if i show them a picture of the stereo in the box?
Marie P. I.: They investigate cases such as this.
jennipher: is there any way to prove the buyer is telling the truth?
jennipher: i was thinking i could put bricks in the box so that it weighs about as much as the stereo would. then it won’t look so suspicious
Marie P. I.: I certainly would not advice you to do that.
jennipher: well it makes sense because i can get bricks really cheap. i know a guy
Marie P. I.: This would be a violation of eBay policy and I am unable to continue chatting with you as I cannot support a violation of site policy.
jennipher: ok im sorry
jennipher: i have another question though
Marie P. I.: Okay, please go ahead.
jennipher: wanna buy a stereo?
The agent ended your chat session.

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