August 21, 2006

Birthday Cake

birthday cake and party
birthday cake and party
Birthday cake and party


Dave said...

That's just too cool. I want one!

Mindless Dribbler said...

Send one to my ex-wife??

The Foo said...

that's nasty but a pretty well made cake!

shirley said...

Eww, that's really creeeepy!

shinizzle said...

owh God, ewwwww... just ewww

cool but ewwwww!

paw search said...

Whoa!! Now that's someone with a sick sense of humor!! ;D

Was it yummy?

paw search said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sue said...

Where could I get the recipe? Would love to bake one for a friend who would just LOVE this cake .. lol!

Shane said...

nice. I'd like some occipatal w/ice cream please

SeniorGato said...

Oooo Cool... Makes me hungry, in a canibalistic way.

carrie said...

that is an awesome cake

ashraf said...

that look nasty how the visitor taste the cake surely they will be scared

by the way send it to my ex girl-friend two piece because she is to fat

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